Friday, June 4, 2010

Busy two weeks ahead

Broccoli is out of the garden, peas gone, strawberries all picked, and old plants tilled under.  Freezer's getting full again.  One of these days we may HAVE to get a second one!  Barry has really done himself proud so far in the garden.  The front garden isn't up to his expectations though -- peppers and tomatoes aren't doing well, melons aren't sprouting well, yet with the rain we had yesterday and off and on the past few days, the garden is just too wet to even walk into, so he's not able to correct the problem.  And he won't have much of a chance over the next two weeks -- unless it's catch as catch can for time.

Here's why:

Sat, June 5, Harrodsburg Beef Festival.  Steak, burgers, brisket, cooked by the best BBQ-ers in the area.

Sun, June 6, clean house, mow lawn, get in whatever we can get in from the garden, pack, and to bed early.

Mon, June 7, Off to PA.  Drop off the cat, pick up the rental car, drop off Barry's car, next stop, Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Tue, June 8, PA to Maine.  Long drive, but it will be good to see Carol, Bruce & Shirley.

Wed, June 9, probably spending the day with Maureen and the kids somewhere in the Portland area, then back to Waterford to visit.

Thu, June 10, Off to Waterville, see Karen, then Messalonskee High School graduation.

Fri, June 11, "Free" day?  Do something with Karen and Wyatt, maybe Dalton and Brittany?

Sat, June 12, Wedding in Fairfield for two former students.  Such good kids!  Then back to Waterford.

Sun, June 13, Leave Waterford for Wilkes-Barre, and see Helen on the way.  Carol will be returning with us, and seeing parts of ME, NH, MA, RI, CT, NY and PA today.

Mon, June 14, Wilkes-Barre to home.  Carol will see the rest of PA and parts of OH (Cleveland to Columbus to Cincinnati) and KY (Covington to Lexington to Danville).

Tue, June 15 through Mon, June 21, Dragging Carol all around Kentucky, horse farms, Mammoth Cave, Lexington, Frankfort, Louisville, Paducah, side trips into Indiana, Tennessee and Illinois, plus a day with Rick, Laura and Elizabeth, then to Bardstown to "Stephen Foster The Musical", all the while, introducing her to Southern hospitality, food, and people.

Tue, June 22, Off to Keeneland, sightseeing in Lexington, lunch at "Cheapside", then getting Carol to BlueGrass Airport on time for her flight back to Portland.  Hope she'll have a couple of days to recuperate after we drag her all over the Commonwealth!