Sunday, May 29, 2011

Latest goings-on

I know, I know.  I'm NOT faithful about writing in this blog.  I promise to do better, then I don't.  My bad!  But let's see how this one goes...

On Saturday, May 21, I attended the genealogy fair at the Forkland Community Center, about 10 miles from here.  It was a well-organized meeting, and I learned a great deal about researching Kentucky land grants -- in Maine I never dealt with land grants -- so this is a whole new area for me to explore.

After the meeting, I came home, and Barry and I headed for Paducah for the weekend.  It was his grand-daughter's third birthday, and we had a great time, seeing her, opening some presents, seeing Rick's law office, and helping him with some yardwork while there.  He and a friend have a firm called "Sanborn and Pridemore law", and if you're in the Paducah area, needing legal assistance, give them a shout.

Back home, and Barry's been working in the garden.  He does so well growing everything.  I'm convinced he could stick a cane in the ground and it would grow.

The strawberries are gone by now, and unfortunately the mockingbirds got the last of the green berries.  But we have enough to freeze, and he made several delights including strawberry-rhubarb pie (two).  The chard is doing well, and tonight we're having the first peas.  In Maine, salmon and peas are traditional for the Fourth of July; here it's for Memorial Day!

The garden now contains strawberries, lettuce, beets, swiss chard, peas, tomatoes, corn, beans, canteloupes, and probably some foods I can't remember.  Before going to Paducah, we bought two "knockout" rose bushes which Barry planted along the walkway from the carport to the house where we'll see and enjoy them daily.

Next weekend it's the Harrodsburg Beef Festival, and it'll be our fourth time attending.

The weekend after, it's the Great American Brass Band festival in Danville -- brass bands, balloon races, a parade led by John Philip Sousa IV, in general a wonderful time.

Later in June, we're headed for eastern Kentucky, driving down the "Country Music Highway" through western Virginia and eastern Tennessee, back through the Cumberland Gap, where Daniel Boone first entered Kentucky, then back home.  Looks like that will be a great overnight trip, and we'll visit Barry's niece while in Tennessee!

Then in August, we're headed for Maine for a week.  We plan to camp out in Appleton at Sennebec Lake and also plan to eat good Maine seafood EVERY DAY while we're there.  Also it'll be a great time to visit relatives, and Maureen and Josh and the kids will be camping with us.  I've also been invited to the Messalonskee High School reunion for the Class of 1976, and will be attending and re-meeting many former students. 

No photos to post this time, 'cause I just wanted to get something posted.  But I've got some great photos of the garden and the grandkids to post shortly.  If I don't do it in the next few days, REMIND ME!