Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wednesday, Oct 3 - Neighbors and Sunset

OK, some explanation first. We were visited by a pileated woodpecker -- the very same type of bird which served as a model for cartoon character, "Woody Woodpecker." They're very wary of people and are seldom seen outside the deep woods. Well, we had one visit us this morning. They're quite large birds with a brilliant red head, just like Woody. We've seen many different birds here, includnig of course the Cardinal, but also the Indigo Bunting. The birds are small compared to Maine -- yet the butterflies are huge! I don't know if this particular woodpecker is any bigger than its cousins in Maine, but I'd be willing to bet he is. Around dark, we also are visited by 2-3, maybe 4 bats, circling above the pond, catching insects.

If anyone wonders why we moved down here, take a look at this sunset -- do you need a definition of the phrase "sky-blue pink"? Here it is. The first picture was taken just off our front porch; the other was taken down by the fish pond.

The bluegills tonight (and last night and the night before) got a special treat -- actual tropical fish flake food. Now we're out of that so we need to get some more. Interestingly, the catfish (which will eat anything that moves and most of what doesn't) won't touch the stuff.

So Barry feeds the gills inshore while I give the cats the cheapest dog food we can buy offshore. Keeps them in separate reastaurants, so to speak, but at least that way the gills have a chance at food.

We've spent a hectic day dealing with lawyers, closing, real estate agents, health insurance providers, state is SO nice just to go down by the pond and feed the fish!

But this weekend -- (I think I mentioned this)


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  1. I have taken some time to let my hand heal so I can go back to making notecards for two midterms on thurs and Fri morning. Those sunsets are gorgeous even for a ky sunset. I'm most likely going to Bowling Green, ky next weekend to attend the WKU homecoming. It should be a lot of fun, however, I need to write a persuasive memo next week to be turned before I can commit to homecoming. Anyways, I have taken to much time off from reading the posts. I am really enjoying getting caught up. Talk to you guys later!