Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday, November 15 - The "S" word

No, not THAT one -- get your mind out of the gutter!

We actually had cold enough temperatures for SNOW today. Just a few flurries, not lasting long enough for me to even get a picture of it, but it surely was SNOW.

I thought we left that stuff behind in Maine along with the snowblower!

It's not expected to amount to anything, though there may be some accumulation in West Virginia. But it IS cold by KY standards -- 36, going down to 26 overnight, then back up to 58 by Saturday. We still have loads of leaves on the trees, though we can actually see the topography of several of the neighboring knobs, now that some of the trees are bare.

You may have heard of the tornado that hit in Lauren County last night -- that was only about 50 miles away -- we were in Renfro Valley last Friday, and that's only a few miles north of Pittsburg, where the EF-1 tornado hit. Quite a surprise, and VERY unusual for any tornadic activity in KY this time of year. Spring may be different, though Casey County hasn't had a direct hit since 1971 (except for April 2007).

OK, dinner is on, and the fireplace needs tending. Later.

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  1. Mike, I emailed a longer comment, but it didn't take. Thanks for this great site. I'm so looking forward to Thanksgiving vacation. Benton gave all of us a $25 gift certificate to L.L. Bean - how generous and a special offer to stop by their home across the lake. I'm sure you're in touch with him. So wonderful to have Klaus for two days - he is awesome. Hey, you and Barry and friends and family have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. Love, prayers, hugs, Alison