Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

OK, so I haven't written for awhile. Frankly, we've settled into a waiting game here until we can sign for the new house we're buying. It should be within the week. Jesse at Farm Credit called today -- the house won't qualify for a 30 year mortgage because it's too old, but the good news is that we'll get it for 20 years at 1% less in interest than we were paying.

In the meantime, we're paying rent here -- it irks us to no end, because we keep thinking of all the things we COULD have done in a different place. Our only pleasure these days is feeding the birds -- and eating! Speaking of which, I did buy a new digital camera with a 10X optical zoom so we can take better pictures of the birds. One day we must have had 10 cardinals at the feeder! The goldfinches have returned as well, so spring is on its way.

It's 67 degrees as I write this -- remember it's January 8 for goodness sake -- but even back in Maine we understand it's 60 (thanks for the weather report, Shirley).

Today we took a ride to find the old "Minor's Store" on Minor's Branch Road in the extreme southwest part of Boyle County or the extreme northwest part of Casey County -- not sure which. Well, after a ride over a road that made Blackguard Road in Waterford look like I-95, we finally made it. It's a small little, back road store, and we met the owner, her fiance (whom we had previously met at Lowe's in Danville where he works), and a friend of hers, as well as the local letter carrier from Gravel Switch, and we probably just talked with them for over an hour. We've got to get over there again for the super breakfast on Saturday morning! The friend I mentioned, lives on Alum Springs Road in Boyle County, and knows exactly where we're buying. Folks like these are really nice and friendly, like Maine folks, when they're accepted for who and what they are, not looked down upon by "out-of-staters"! We came here because we loved it, not because we wanted to change it into a southern version of Maine, "ayuh-you-all"! You know how some "flatlanders" love Maine then move here to change it? Well, people here feel the same way about "outsiders." But NO one here sells Moxie or Whoopie Pies!

OK, if you want to see the house we're buying, "google" Lincoln Realty and Auction in Stanford, KY, and look for 5187 Alum Springs Road.

For now, until we get new emails, I'm telling everyone to use "mdenis46@gmail.com" because I can check that email anywhere. We will have a new phone number, new cell phone number, new email, new mailing address, and new physical address. And to think that we had already changed EVERYTHING over to THIS address! It looks like we're transients or illegal immigrants, having three different addresses in 6 months!

More later, as we're supposed to close within a week now.

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