Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday, 2 June - Catching up -- again.

Maureen got the ultrasound pics of "Tadpole", and I have emailed the more clear one to everyone in the Western Hemisphere. Thinking of having it printed out billboard size too!

We had to go up to Lexington today for an appointment, and stopped at a place called Regatta, which claims to have the best seafood in Kentucky. The clam chowdah was different but very good; the scallops were sort of orange, unlike the white Maine ones, but again, were very good. The price was reasonable as well.

We then stopped in at Lexington Green (one of the 500 shopping centers here) and went to Whole Foods. Barry had never been in a Whole Foods store, and I don't think I have either. Guess what? They had "Backyard Beauty" tomatoes. From Maine, already! So today with clam chowdah and Madison-grown tomatoes, we're a bit homesick.

Got home, let the cat out. He's been going out for about an hour every day for the past 4-5 or so, with us. Today, it was 85 in the shade, and the dumbie was in the sun. It only took about 3 minutes before he chose to come back in and plop himself in front of the A/C register under the fan!

Yesterday, we had a bit of a scare -- he found the catnip bed and began to roll in it and eat it! Can't let that happen quite yet -- the 7 or 8 plants aren't big enough for him to eat. The garden continues to grow -- we're nearly done picking strawberries for this season, but look at the beauties Barry grew!

For our friends in Maine who may not realize that we're as far west as we are south, the Central Time zone is only one county away. I shot this pic last night at 9:08 pm! And we still have 3 weeks to go before the longest day. On June 22, we'll be able to read the paper outside at 9:30 or later! We had a round of thunderstorms yesterday, and this photo was at the end. After it got dark, we were treated to an hour-long lightning show right over the knob in the picture.

Tomorrow we need to rent a trailer and get the lawn tractor in to Wal-Mart. I have to put a new hitch on my truck to tow the thing, and we will have to rent the trailer again when the tractor is back. It wasn't mowing evenly (scalping on the left side, high on the right), and it made a gawdawful noise when Barry accidentally mowed over a tree stump. So tomorrow, in 90 degree weather, we'll be running around town and moving lawn equipment. Thank goodness for A/C in the truck!

This coming weekend is the Casey County Fair, next weekend is the Great American Brass Band Festival in Danville, and the GABBF Hot Air Balloon race in Junction City, only about 3 miles away, the next weekend and week following is the Boyle County Fair (I think). Looks like we're going to be busy the next two weekends. THEN, we can plan a getaway to the Knoxville, TN, area, including Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge (think Dolly Parton) and the Great Smokies, plus a long-anticipated return trip to Maine. Details to come.

'Night, y'all.

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