Saturday, November 1, 2008

Summer returns?

It's 70 outside. Sunflowers that re-seeded are blossoming; Barry just picked some radishes, and we may just get another crop of lettuce before temperatures drop. We're wearing t-shirts and shorts, sitting out in the carport enjoying weather that Mainers normally have in late May or early September. For goodness' sake, it's NOVEMBER! Although it did get down to 30 a few nights ago and we had our first real frost, there's no temp below 40 predicted for the next week. The petunias are still growing, but the lawn has slowed down, though the moles haven't. Never saw anything like this -- there are hundreds of feet of tunnels all over the lawn.

Anyone got a good idea of how to get rid of the moles?

I went over to the Forkland Community Center today to check out a couple of historical - genealogical things. The man I needed to see, Monty Bryant (local history expert), just happened to be there. I asked him if he had information on one Thomas Carrier who was lynched in 1867 about a mile down the road. Well, did I get an education! Seems that "Judge Lynch" pretty much ran Boyle and 4 neighboring counties after the Civil War, and working with the "regulators" or "night riders", they tried to clean the county of any undesirables -- white, black, didn't make a difference. Men were taken out of jails and hanged from the nearest tree all over the area. The idea of hanging the accused without a trial gave rise to the term "lynch mob", named after the ne'er-do-well Judge Lynch! Apparently this whole area of Kentucky was under vigilante rule for about 20 years, and the center of the "regulators" was in Parksville, a mile and a half down the road!

While Barry was doing dishes, this is what he was looking at. When we left Maine we were sure we'd miss the fall foliage. Not so. Peak should be in another week or so, but here's what it looks like today, November 1!

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