Sunday, March 15, 2009

Outside Cleanup and Possible New Neighbors?

The ice storm here in early February tore the heart out of many people with all the damage it did to the trees. We were spared most of the damage -- only lost two trees completely, one mostly, and several partially. Barry's been itching to burn the debris ever since. The County is picking up the branches, but one has to live near the road and we don't so burning it is about the only option. Unfortunately, it's been too windy to do much -- until recently. This is the last of the brush to clear up around the house. There's more way out back and down in the Salt River, but that's another day. We've replaced the Bradford Pear with a Cleveland Pear -- sturdier and more able to withstand the wind. We also have an apple tree coming shortly, buying grapes probably this week, then that's it for perennials or trees. At least until next time...

We also had the first prospective tenants looking at both of our "Bluegrass Bluebird Apartments". He'd try the house out for size while she watched. Then she'd fly around looking at the neighborhood and the landscape. I didn't see her poke her head inside to check out the interior decorating, window treatments, or appliances though.

They went back and forth from one apartment to another, chasing off any other potential undesirable tenants like the starlings, but in the end, they apparently decided not to move in today. We'll see if they found better "digs" somewhere else. They certainly won't find NEWER birdhouses anywhere in this neighborhood!

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