Thursday, October 1, 2009

Home-made Tortillas!

Thanks to Dawna, who shared her recipe with me, Barry and I made a batch. Now this is a long story. You know what happens when you take someone's wonderful recipe, then "difference" it? Well, I substituted half whole-wheat flour for half unbleached flour -- is there a difference? I didn't realize that there was.

Then I mangled the whole doughy mess through the Kitchen Aid mixer for way longer than I should have -- wanted to be sure everything blended thoroughly (I make the same mistake with muffins). The pancake griddle didn't get hot enough so they didn't brown properly. Long story made short, the tortillas came out looking great, but being of about the same consistency of thin leather. Even the birds won't eat them!

Sheepishly, I asked Dawna what I did wrong. Seems whole-wheat is NOT the same as unbleached; plus the Kitchen Aid (wonderful appliance that it is), doesn't cut it in this case.

So I made another batch, this time I halved it in case I screwed up again.

Gooey dough all over my hands, took 4 days to clean my fingernails, stuck to everything, but the cast iron skillet did the job. They came out looking just like the store-bought ones, only I hoped they'd taste better.

Well, today, Barry got them out, grabbed a few of our own home-grown tomatoes, onions, peppers, and cilantro, and whipped up a batch of quick salsa. We bought some GULF shrimp at Krogers (they usually sell shrimp from Bangla Desh, which I'm sure is a very nice country, but have you ever heard what is in the Ganges River water?) and minced them. He added Mexican cheese and our salsa, put it on the tortilla, folded it over, microwaved it just a bit to melt the cheese and seal the tortillas, then fried them in the cast-iron pan.

OMG, were they DELICIOUS! We both have happy tummies now. It's so easy (and fun) to make the home-made tortillas, I don't see why everyone doesn't do it!

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