Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday, 9 November - Barry and the coupons

Now this isn't for everyone, it takes time and effort, and lots of people have the will but not the ability. But if you can do it, it's great.

Barry discovered the use of coupons in an organized way a short time ago. Now we had used coupons occasionally before, but this time it's serious.

He and I (well, mostly he) haunt the coupon websites and print out coupons on items that we'd normally buy anyway. Yesterday, I bought copies of the Danville and Lexington papers JUST for the coupons and sales fliers.

Well, today was a red-letter day:

Wal-Mart, Campbell's soup, and Betty Crocker au-gratin potatoes, both on sale. Regular retail was about $5.00. He paid $.70! Plus he p@ssed off one of the floor associates because the computer-printed coupons wouldn't scan and she had to get off her @ss to go to customer service to check it out. We're probably not the first Wal-Mart customers to use computer-printed coupons, so they should have KNOWN how to deal with them -- key in the numbers. That simple.

Kroger's, with coupons and sales, we got $34 dollars of groceries for $18. They handled the coupons just fine. Jessica, you're a sweetheart.

CVS, two bottles of brand name glucosamine/chondroitin, regularly $60. On sale, buy one get one free plus a $7 coupon. Final price $24.

All in all, today, we bought $99, paid $43, saved $56, an all on items we either need or will need!

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