Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday, September 14 - Catching up

OK, it's been awhile since I've written. Not that nothing has happened, but nothing out of the ordinary, or nothing unusual or or really noteworthy has happened. Well, now that I think about it ...

We went to a political rally today in Danville -- the first time either Barry or I had ever been to one (I hate to admit that as a former history-government teacher). It was the Constitution Square Celebration -- it was in Danville in 1792 that the Constitution for the Commonwealth of Kentucky was written, so Danville was the first capital of Kentucky. Candidates for several public offices were there -- governor, attorney general, agriculture commissioner, secretary of state -- in Maine these last three would be appointed by the governor but in Kentucky they're elected positions.

Anyway, Steve Beshear (D, challenger) and Ernie Fletcher (R, incumbent) duked it out for 15 minutes each. I have already decided how I will vote in this contest, but it was nonetheless interesting to hear both candidates. After Beshear spoke, I got a chance to shake his hand and comment on one of his political ads saying that as governor he would pass a law requiring universal health care. I reminded him that as governor he could not pass laws, and he said, quietly, "I know that." I only wish his campaign ad had not said that he could.

The candidates for Attorney-General couldn't have been more opposite. Stan Lee (R) and Jack Conway (D) were on totally opposite sides of the fence on every issue. I had been leaning toward one of them, but it only took about 20 seconds of one speech for me to confirm my choice. One of the candidates for agriculture commissioner is named "Farmer." How ironic.

After the speeches, we wandered around the 200 or so vendors (maybe we'll go back tomorrow, or maybe we'll go to Bardstown, to the Kentucky Bourbon Festival), but didn't buy anything. Possibly that was because we went up to Nicholasville yesterday, to Kohl's. It's always bad news when we go to Kohl's. I'm up for their "frequent shopper" award now -- I wonder if I can get sky miles...

We bought a rug steamer (on sale, plus 15% off) -- the house is 90% carpeted, and I figured that with a rug steamer of our own, we'd keep the carpet in better condition than we would if we rented a steamer every time we needed one (which we probably would not do until the carpet was totally beyond help). Of course, on the way, we checked out the 60%-90% clearance racks. Wouldn't you know -- we both found things we really needed. Plus we got 15% off for using our Kohl's charge card! Thank goodness Kohl's is in Nicholasville (about 35 miles away) or we'd be there every day!

We had to go to Lexington Monday, and we stopped in Frankfort at the Honda dealership there -- Barry needed a new side mirror (thanks to my lousy driving), so we ordered the mirror. Went back up to Frankfort on Wednesday to get it installed. Then off to Nicholasville on Thursday, Danville today, Bardstown tomorrow? The cat seems to wonder where we are all the time...

The house still hasn't closed -- one of these days I'll tell close friends in an email what is happening -- but it will all work out. My house in Waterville hasn't sold -- who wants a 2-apartment house in Waterville's South end, beautifully landscaped, for a steal? I've dropped the price twice now (it's down to $74,900), and no serious takers yet. I'm scared that if it doesn't sell soon I'll be paying for heat for a house that has no tenants -- and I don't want tenants in Waterville if I'm in Kentucky -- too much of a hassle, I mean, think of all the damage they could do that I would have to have repaired. Not worth the chance, so I'll keep it empty.

I mentioned the Kentucky Bourbon Festival earlier. Every day, there's something going on within 50 miles of here. We could literally be on the road every day -- Apple Festival in Liberty this coming week, Constitution Square festival in Danville now, Bourbon Festival in Bardstown, World Chicken Festival in London -- and those are just the ones I can remember for THIS week...brass bands, wine tasting, Civil War re-enactments...if I were working I'd miss 99% of it -- as it is, we'll probably still have to miss 75% of it because there's SO much going on. "Evita" in Paducah, is out this week (conflicts with the apple festival in Liberty), but the barbecue festival there NEXT week is on. Civil War in Richmond, Crab Orchard, Camp Nelson, and of course Perryville, all in the next 3 weeks, and it doesn't end with December either. Aretha Franklin at Centre College in Danville, plus a probable presidential debate at Centre next year...Hokey-smokes, doesn't anyone here take ANY time off?

Last weekend (Sep 8, Barry's birthday) it was the Butchertown Country Day, held 1/4 mile up the road. Food, music (Billyblues, of course), games, auction, just an old-fashioned country get-together. Oh my, I tried the sausage and biscuits and pineapple-carrot cake. Barry tried the boiled beans among other things. Now, another trip to Kohl's for larger clothes is in order. These folks can COOK!

On a sadder note (Alison and Senora, please tell Mei about this), we've now tried our 4th (and last) Chinese restaurant here in Danville. The best of them is OK, the worst should have had the 911 emergency number printed on the take-out menu. We ordered crab rangoon and "double happiness" (shrimp and chicken, at least I think I might have seen some chicken in it) tonight. Best I can say is that we didn't die (yet). OK, it wasn't that bad, but having had Ming Lee set the standard for good Chinese food, we just haven't found anything here that can faintly compare with the food that Mei would have thrown out at Ming Lee.

OK, got to sit down with Barry to plan our next outing -- Got to go back to Kohl's 'cause we were overcharged on 2 items. How about finding a festival on the way there or near there? There's got to be SOMETHING! OH, the Advocate (local newspaper) Brass Band is playing Sunday. Yeah, we won't get bored. Not for a LONG time.

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