Sunday, September 2, 2007

Sunday, September 2 - Update on recent events

On Saturday morning, we had been invited to a local get-together -- read more in the next paragraph...but we were potentially ready to cancel, as our "Bluegrass Cat" had to see a vet. We've found a great one just up the road and on the first left -- "Double Doc" - a husband/wife combination with a huge farm, and a great, well-recommended practice. Evidently when Ramses went outdoors awhile ago he must have gotten into a fight with another cat because his left front paw was quite swollen and painful. He was sleeping UNDER my bed which he only does when he's not well. Anyway, we were able to contact Beth (the vet) and get him in right away. Fever was up, and the swelling was too, so she put him on antibiotics, and gave him a shot to relieve his temperature. The whole visit -- $48 including meds! Plus he was such a good cat, she seemed to like him just fine. He's doing better today, limping a bit but much better than yesterday morning. So we're all set now for medical practitioners!

Our neighbors, Larry and Joann, had invited us to a get-together down in Middleburg (about 20 miles away). Yesterday, Saturday, we were on the road with Joann, (and Frank and Rita, other neighbors) to a 600-700 acre farm in the really rural part of this already rural county, going over hills and valleys on one-lane dirt roads through some beautiful countryside, when all of a sudden it seems, a rough-hewn stage with a first-rate sound system appeared on the top of a small knoll. This was the party!

By the time it ended, there were maybe 200 people there, enjoying the music of individual singers and instrumentalists -- singing blues, folk, country, old standards -- something for everyone. We're not talking here about first-billing musicians one might see at top venues (Michael, Alison?) But these guys were just phenomenal, and why they're not on the top music charts I'll never know. Maybe they don't have good publicists...?

In any event, one of the main reasons we went was because of a band called "BillyBlues" which, it seems, has one of the founding members living about half a mile up our road -- so they're neighbors, too! If we want one of their CD's or a "BillyBlues" T-shirt, all we need to do is hop on the lawn tractor and drive over -- and Colin will personally autograph it (oxymorn there -- how can an autograph NOT be personally signed? - DUH)! OK, maybe the sun got to me yesterday...

In addition to the music, here was a pond for swimming and canoe races. Barry and I didn't enter, but Rita's canoe tipped so she spent the rest of the afternoon drying out; Frank's partner wasn't into canoe racing, so paddling and steering pretty much by himself, they came in last. Kids (and some adults) enjoyed the water, which by Maine standards is somewhat green; most of the ponds/lakes here are either green (hence the name, Green River), or tan (like our little piece of water). But the water was evidently not a deterrent to the swimmers!

Just about everyone brought food -- pulled pork with or without barbecue sauce, fried chicken, potato and macaroni salads, coleslaw (made with broccoli), corn, desserts. I tried as much as I could fit on one plate, and didn't walk away hungry.

The owners of the farm, who moved to Casey County about 35 years ago, started having friends over on Labor Day weekend about 4 years ago, and it's now probably the second biggest party in Casey County, after the Casey County Apple Festival coming up later this month! See all the pictures, and check out "BillyBlues".

Now, Barry is going to be embarassed by this, but I'd ask, what are the chances? Like father, like son? At almost the same time last Thursday, and hundreds of miles from each other, both Barry and Rick sprained an ankle. Not just AN ankle, but the SAME ankle. For Barry, luckily it's just a bit swollen, and an "Ace" bandage seems to be taking care of it. Rick, on the other hand -- have you seen a doctor yet? Karen, Brittany and Dalton -- watch where and how you step! I know about genetic predispositions, but this is carrying things too far guys!

Off to work on other projects now -- catch you all later.

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