Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday, August 28 - Working in the heat

Barry was up early this morning, and took some photos of the lunar eclipse. I haven't looked at them yet but I'm sure they are stunning. He walked down to the mailbox before dawn, at 67 degrees, felt SO good and cool, to get yesterday's paper. It doesn't come until late afternoon -- we almost canceled today -- but we'll give them a bit more time to get it right.

We worked in the shed today, organized the garden tools, and cleaned out. We've got a "shed" that is the size of a small garage. With the trailer/cart I bought, we can now take the trash down every Wednesday morning without putting it in my truck. Now if I wear Barry's bib overalls and a straw hat (he threatened to get a picture of me doing it but he'll have to get up AWFUL EARLY to do that), I should look like a local -- yeah, right.

Anyway, I have space for all my woodworking tools and Barry has a space for a potting bench - garden center. Everything will fit in nicely, the shed is electrified so we have light and fans, can put a radio or a TV in it, maybe an old sofa, a couple of beds upstairs -- wait a minute, it's a SHED, not a spare room!

Someone (I think Mike across the road) is bush-hogging the tomato patch down near the road. He's asked if he can bush-hog our field -- wonderful -- he can use the hay and we can use the work so we can start a garden for this fall and for next year.

We're going down to see what's happening down by Carpenter Fork, the "official" name of the stream at the end of our driveway.

Alison, PLEASE be sure all the kids on Flagstaff Team have my email and blog addresses. I want to keep in touch, particularly if they have any questions about how living in KY is different from living in ME. I also see that Aaron and Matt D's great-grandmother died -- pass on my sympathies -- I left a note on the Sentinel's obituary website. Also saw where Roberta D's mother died -- again pass on my condolences.

Maureen, call or email me so I'll know you're still alive!

OK, going out to be nosy neighbors now. Look for a pic of Farmer Mike in the next blog -- unless I can get the camera away from Barry!

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