Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday, August 20 - Possibly a closing?

Called Melissa, our realtor, today about the property lines -- we have a few questions and don't know to whom to go for answers (how's THAT, Alison). Anyway, she said that we might actually have the closing this coming Wednesday -- we already have T-Bone steaks and Rick's grill ready to celebrate -- and plenty of Maker's Mark Bourbon...The owner of the property has been great, letting us live here rent-free for a month, but when the closing actually happens, I'll have a mortgage, so that'll crimp me a bit financially -- it is SO worth it though. We have another month at least of summer, then 3 months of fall -- probably no frost before mid-November, and Barry has planted carrots, spinach, swiss chard, and collard greens in every available plant pot! We WILL get enough to freeze.

The cat has been going out regularly -- so many new sounds and smells to absorb -- yet he comes in just fine when he's tired or scared or thirsty or hungry or needs to use the litter box. It's SO different from the South End in Waterville, where we didn't DARE to let him out.

We got some RAIN last night, about 1/2 an inch, but that's more than we've had since the day we moved in. We'll see if the grass grows enough to use our new riding lawn mower -- no sense in mowing grass that isn't growing.

I finally got my stamp collection unpacked, and it's all in one place -- for the first time EVER! We're still emptying boxes and bins but we're getting there. Eventually the very last box will be emptied and the last bin sorted, and we'll be done. Celebrate!

The barn across the road is opened -- ends and some side sections -- it's a tobacco-curing barn, and the first crop has been harvested and put in for curing. We're planning on going to a tobacco-cutting contest this next weekend, and there are so many other things we NEED to do around here, it boggles the mind. An Amish restaurant 12 miles south of here, a whole Amish community there, a Civil War re-enactment in Richmond, the apple pie festival in Liberty, so much to do, so little time to do it. We'll enjoy life now...

OK, dinner is ready, the Maker's is gone, so it's time to close...Love to everyone back in Maine -- where I understand you had a FROST ADVISORY last night...what's THAT all about????


  1. Now I am thirsty. I haven't tried Maker's before, I am a Jack Daniels on the rocks person.

    Be careful of tobacco barns. When I was in London, Kentucky they were drying another crop, not tobacco, that was smoked for a lot more money.....

    I'll miss you next week when the kids arrive. You were always my helpful angel since the first year I arrived at the Middle School.

    Love to you all and enjoy your long autumn. I'll do a little rain dance for you....

  2. Sounds like you have more to do then ever. But at least your keeping active in your old age (sorry had to through that one in there).

    It is nice to hear that you are settling in so well. Come on i know that you miss the Maine weather. 90 one day then freezing later that night. I swear that if there was ever a weather god he/she decided that Maine would be their dumping ground. But that is what makes us love this state so much.

    Now i was wondering, once in class you rattled off a fact about Maine and its people. You told us that something like 80% or so move back to Maine sooner or later. So my question is when can we expect you back? lol.


  3. Rob, I noted that many people leave Maine as young adults to "find their fortune" then return there once they have kids, because despite being the weather god's dumping ground (I LOVE that), it's a great place to raise kids. I don't plan to return to live since my kid is already raised -- and still in Maine!

    Great to hear from you.


  4. Brenda, somehow I think many of the people in this southern rural county smoke more than JUST tobacco, at least from the police reports ... and for a "dry" county there's loads of beer flowing during the harvest -- it was SO hot that day I can't see how anyone can work outside.