Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday evening, August 25 - The Riding Mower

OK, so at first it was a bit jerky, neither of us had EVER used a riding lawn mower before, and we both felt it was going to tip over when we got to the edge of the lawn, but we actually got it going today. We bought it two weeks ago, a 42" Yard Man from Wal-Mart, but it hasn't rained enough here to mow since we moved in in late July, so why waste the energy and the gasoline, plus taking a chance on further damaging an already burnt and parched lawn.

Barry went out into the shed to pull "Monster" out into the sunlight and to fire it up. He read over the directions so carefully I thought he was studying for a test. Well, wouldn't you know -- Barry lifted the hood to put gas in it, but it didn't have a gas cap. Quick trip to Wal-Mart -- when you're out in the Knobs, that's an hour out of your day IF the traffic isn't that bad and Wal-Mart isn't that busy.

Back home, gas cap in hand, and gas in the tank, we managed to wheel it out backwards -- once we figured that we had to take it out of park in order to move it. Hey, we're learning here. Anyway, fingers crossed, Barry fired it up, and as the "Fifth Dimension" 60's song said, "Up, Up and Away" Barry went. A few passes and the front was done, then it was down over the hill to mow around and between the trees. We hadn't established a mowing pattern yet, and it will probably be awhile before we do, but once that's done, the lawn will be finished in a jiffy!

Of course, after Barry had done the front lawn, it was MY turn. TERROR STRIKES! I almost tipped the mower over, or at least that's the way it felt, several times, but once I got used to the feeling of riding off-kilter, it wasn't all that bad. Of course, I also had the feeling that, mowing downhill, I wouldn't stop until I reached Gravel Switch, a town about 10 miles west of here. However, I did find that there was a brake/clutch, which I proceeded to ride almost all the time.

At least "Monster," and the lawn survived my first attempt. Once I got started, I really went to town, mowing the huge piece of lawn to the west of the drive, and the smaller piece to the south of the house. By the time that was done, I think both Barry and I would have qualified for the "Butchertown Community Lawn Mower Race," (which really does NOT exist) or at least we could START one!
Well, the fish have been fed (both inside and out), the dinner dishes are done, and we're both tired from our battle with "Monster." So a quick check of the email, and it's off to bed.

Hmm, I wonder what we can mow TOMORROW?

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