Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday, August 25 - Settling In

There's not much different to report since my last Blog except that Barry's son, Rick, visited from Thursday afternoon until Friday. We meet him at Woody's in Danville for lunch, stopped at Burke's bakery (one of our favorite stores here -- I might have mentioned that bout 100 times), then over to Kroger's (grocery) to pick up fixings for dinner. Rick cooked us some rib eye and flank steak -- topped with soy sauce and bleu cheese -- delicious! The flank, which I had understood was about as tough as shoe leather, was fork-tender. Rick had marinaded it in pineapple juice, and it was great.

Before going to Danville to meet Rick, I got into the boxes with paintings and posters. Those are now mostly up, at least the ones that already have frames. We're trying to use all the nails the previous owners had in the walls, but in some cases I had to add some new ones.

With Rick's help, we finally got the DVD, VCR, TV, stereo and Dish box working so we can use them all. Problem is, that we now have FIVE remotes plus a universal remote we never DID figure how to use. Basically we just hung around the house and relaxed -- Rick can use that break, due to the pressure and stress of law school, and I'm glad he had a chance to unwind a bit!

Last night we had a "wicked awful" thunderstorm. Only a small one, but the lightning was practically frightening it was so bright and frequent. It probably only rained less than half an hour, and I don't think it dropped much, but at this point every little bit is useful.

Helen, thanks for the kind words to Barry about my Blog. It was so pleasant visiting with you and John. Our wishes are for good health to you both.

OK, coffee is done, so I'll catch you all later.

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