Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thursday, August 9 - Not much interesting today -- yet

We both got up early today and went outside to get some yard work done before the temperature shot up. There's a heat advisory out and we wanted to avoid the hot sun of mid-day. Besides we had appointments in Danville in the afternoon anyway.

I mowed part of the lawn -- maybe half an acre. Sweat rolling down, but our self-propelled mower did the mob just fine. Barry weed-whacked around the pond, and I really don't want to discuss the sweat situation too much, but let's just say it nearly took a sand-blaster to get the grass clippings off us!

We just decided that, since Wal-Mart has riding mowers on sale, we're going in tomorrow to get one. It really doesn't make sense to mow 3 acres of lawn with a walk-behind mower, although our Craftsman mower is doing a wonderful job.

Neither of us has ever used a riding mower -- must be a great deal like using a golf cart -- though neither of use has ever used one of THOSE either! We'll find out tomorrow.1


Temps got up to 100 on the front porch -- that's in the shade! The A/C is set on 80 and that seems downright COLD compared to outside. But we're minding it a lot less than we thought.

Barry set up the weather-alert radio today. I had it set up in Waterville, but never read the directions (because the tigers would have gotten me). Well, he did it the right way, and the first thing we heard was a tornado alert for Indiana -- maybe 200 miles north of here.

Went to the doctor today -- to establish a new relationship -- they were SO funny. Barry and I have the same doctor -- and the gals in the office call us "The guys from Maine." I told them about the lack of difference between a hank of rope and a fish -- "cod" and "cod" in Maine.

Dinner calls, and the fish will be hungry again tonight. I'm working on Casey Co cemeteries, still -- with 184+ of them, it will be a long time before I can even get a complete list -- if ever. Many people here were simply buried in the back yard due to the heat and lack of mortuary facilities in years past. Many of these cemeteries, and the records and stones that might have been left will never be found. SO sad that some people could have lived full, rich, albeit normal humble lives, and be left with no remembrance of what they did in life. Is anyone familiar with the website, "Find A Grave? That's where I plan to submit most of the information I will be gathering (once the heat abates).

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