Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tuesday, August 14 - Errands

Today was just a run-around day, picking up a few things and lazing around home. We went into Danville, stopped at "Save-A-Lot" and we sure did! Their prices are great, and, as we found out down in Liberty, they have the best selection of frozen fish around. We took the cooler today so we had something in which to put the frozen food -- BUT we need a bigger cooler if we're going to shop there very much.

We stopped at Burke's Bakery again -- we've spent over $50 there in pastry since we moved here, but their Persian Rolls (Rick and Laura - those were the rolls we had for breakfast Sunday) and Spice Bars and dinner rolls and bread are the BEST! We don't even ask how much -- the whole thing came to just over $12.00 today.

Then we went to Southern States to pick up some more composted manure and topsoil. We don't have good gardening soil (I think I might have mentioned that a couple of hundred times) so we're making our own. Barry is going out around the place trimming and caring for the plants which had been somewhat neglected -- though the LACK OF RAIN hasn't helped much. He must have bought 2 dozen 40-lb bags of manure and topsoil so far, but it's working. Mother's Rose, which we brought from Maine, has blossomed -- see the pic. And the grape myrtle (red flowers with yellow centers, see the pic) though small and neglected, has just blossomed beautifully! With a bit of TLC they both will do fine.

Barry also planted some spearmint we got from Rick and Laura. Seems strange -- back in Waterville we had ALL kinds of spearmint, but here we only have this one plant pot full.

While we were at Southern States, we met a gal (actually we had seen her there several times before) who is related to most of the people on the road. She knows exactly where we live, and was telling us some great stories about the neighbors -- all good, of course! She said they're basically "salt of the earth" people who will help you if you need anything at all. Seems nice to have neighbors like that.

Speaking of neighbors, this was hanging around on the foundation. We've seen him/her/it several times but this was the first time he/she/it has hung around long enough for me to get a snapshot.

I'm going to be sorting through some more of my books tomorrow for the book sale at the Casey County Public Library. Seems that even though I sorted, pitched, donated and otherwise disposed before we moved, there are still more here that I really don't need. ALISON, if any will help you teach this year I'll mail them up to you -- or bring them up when we return this fall.

This evening, as usual, we fed the fish, watched the bats feed, and in general, enjoyed a nice warm (though not that humid) Kentucky evening. It got down to about 68 last night, so before long we'll be able to open the windows at night and save on the A/C costs.

That's about it for now. More tomorrow -- unless we go to Bardstown to see "Stephen Foster - The Musical." We had tickets last week but the heat index forced the production indoors -- no fun for us -- so maybe we'll try Wednesday or Friday. If not, we'll use the tickets next summer.


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