Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sunday, August 5

I forgot to mention in the post yesterday. We came across a huge snapping turtle on the way home from Cutter's, as well as a 3-foot long snake crossing the road. Herschel said that people around here LOVE snapping turtle.

SPOILER -- if you have a sensitive stomach, DO NOT READ FURTHER.

Apparently, after one cuts the head off (just below the ears), one takes a hose, sticks it in the neck and blows the shell apart with the water! The meat is tender and white! Or so Herschel says...I'll stick with the "Mater-serves", thank you very much!

OK, you can open your eyes again.

Today we didn't do much except re-arrange the computer room. We were tripping over cords and cables, so it was time to do something. Plus I was able to bring in a bookcase for my stamp collection, and get the printer off the desktop. Much neater and more useful.

This morning when I got up about 6:30 I went outside to see what the weather was like. It was only about 75 degrees, but the humidity was enough to knock your socks off -- luckily I wasn't wearing any. As the day progressed and the temperature rose, the humidity dropped, so now it's bearable. Except for Barry using the weed-whacker on the overgrown grass, we've been inside all day, but we will have to go out to feed the fish.

With the hot temperatures on the back deck (110+, MUCH higher than the actual air temp of about 94), the small 2 inch tomato plant that wormed its way into the begonia pot from Waterville has now grown to about 2 feet, and will need to be staked up within a day or two. We're not sure what kind of tomato it is, but anything would be wonderful. In the unpacking I found bunches of seeds from Maine -- Alison, I haven't yet found the seeds you gave me at our retirement teachers' meeting but I SHALL!

OK, Barry calls for dinner, so I'll go now.

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