Saturday, August 4, 2007

Saturday, August 4 - Amazed that the heat doesn't bother us

It got up to 98 in the shade yesterday, and it was humid as well, yet it didn't seem to bother at all. Oh, it got a bit moist on this old bald head when I was up on the ladder cleaning out the gutter that is so clogged that rain pours out over the side instead of down the drainspout, but...then again, it could have been the hose I was using to clean.

Barry spent most of the day trying to apply for jobs online. He spent over an hour at the Food Lion website, then lost everything somehow. Now I know why there are so many unemployed -- you MUST apply online but you CAN'T apply online or it takes the whole day to do and then you LOSE it! What ever happened to the old, "Can I get a job application" line? Maybe it's just better to look for jobs where one can deal with real live humans.

Speaking of applying -- I put in an application to teach part-time for Eastern Kentucky University (headquartered in Richmond but they have a Danville campus too). They're looking for part-time faculty to teach in the curriculum and education field. Maybe something will turn up there for me. I'm also going to apply at Centre College in Danville.

We discovered that feeding the catfish in the pond later in the evening results in a feeding frenzy. We must have had 2 dozen of the little critters crawling over and fighting with each other to get the food. They practically crawled up onto the shore, and I actually got wet from the splashing.

Harrodsburg (Mercer County) schools started this past Wednesday. There were so many parents picking up kids that the school buses couldn't get through. Some kids didn't get home until 6PM! Read about it in the Advocate-Messenger. Could that actually happen in Oakland?

We're going over to Bardstown Wednesday night to see "Stephen Foster - The Musical" for the second time. First was two years ago when we were down here. It's a nice musical, though the historical inaccuracy makes me CRINGE! There's not a shred of evidence that Foster, who wrote, "My Old Kentucky Home", was EVER in the state! But I'll chill and enjoy the program anyway -- it IS a good musical.

Well, that's it for now. Time for coffee cup number 2.

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