Thursday, August 2, 2007

OK, here's my blog. I've tried to avoid it but I guess everyone and his/her brother has a blog website. Anyway, I'll post reflections on moving to Kentucky here.

Kentucky is a whole different world. Everyone says, "Sir" or "hon" around here, and prices for things like computer repair are probably half of what they are in Maine. Of course, big pick-ups with "hemi" engines sill crawl up your tailpipe -- especially when there are Maine plates on my truck -- that will be changed in a few days I hope!

Prices in general seem to be a bit cheaper than Maine, especially electricity. Gas is down to $2.59 -- remember when that was a crime, not a sale?

The catfish in the pond are responding to our training. I go out every night and call "Here fishy, fishy" and the seem to come to the edge of the pond. Last night they really roiled up the water as though they had never been fed. We will be going down to the pond about 8PM to feed them every night, and hopefully, before you all come down to visit, we will have catfish enough for a real feed!

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