Saturday, December 1, 2007

Saturday, December 1 - Comparisons

As I look at the weather forecast in Maine, and read Shirley's email, I'm sure we made the right decision to move here. Today, after we got back from shopping, I actually mowed the front lawn. For goodness' sake, it's DECEMBER! Shirley writes that it's 15 degrees with 60 mile gusts in Waterford! Our ROSES are still growing here! You guys are supposed to get a mess Sunday and Monday -- people here are shivering at 30 degrees!

We've started feeding the birds, not that they need it, as there are still plenty of easy food sources, but later this winter (IF it snows), that may not be the case. What a pleasure to see chickadees hanging upside down on the bird feeder!

The fireplace, supplemented occasionally by the kerosene heater, is keeping us nice and warm. With the cost of the electric furnace (I thought we had a heat pump but we don't) we do need to keep the light bill down, though it's still better than paying for heating oil. The sun, when it's out, is warming, as we're 10 degrees closer to the Equator, so the sun is higher up in the sky even in the dead of winter. That's got to be one reason for the warmer temps here.

Now don't hold your breath, 'cause things can go wrong (as we've found out many times down here), but keep your fingers crossed for a major event for us on Tuesday! More later, IF it actually happens.

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