Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday, December 2 - Catching up with some photos

We put up our bird feeder. Among our first visitors were these cardinals.

Notice how the cat has found a warm spot -- he finds the sunny spots during the day, and the fireplace hearth at night. When we moved here, he lost a great deal of fur in the 100+ degree heat, so he's COLD now.

We got up the Christmas decorations right after Thanksgiving -- super early but they're done so we can enjoy them now. We had to use an artificial tree with all new ornaments and lights as our big box of decorations is still in Maine.

Anyway, the cat seems to like what we've done. We lit up the holly bush on the front lawn, and have a string of lights along the front porch.

The fireplace has also become a focal point. With candles, a nice warm fire, and mini-lights among the greenery on the mantle, we're setting a nice scene here. Add a cup of hot chocolate, nice music, and we're all set.

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