Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday, 28 Sep 2008 - All red lights...

We were headed up to Harrodsburg for the Alpaca Festival on Saturday. Looking forward to something really different, we happened to notice that we hit every red light on the way. Barry at one point suggested that this was some sort of omen. Yeah.

Well, when we got to Shaker Village, we found out that there was a $14 admission per person. NOW we knew why all the red lights... I mean, really, we don't like alpacas THAT much, and the website for the alpaca society didn't say anything about an admission.

Anyway, we decided to go back down to Casey County to check out a cemetery we had noticed on the way back home from the Apple Festival. Come to find out, it's already been recorded and photographed, but since I didn't know the name of the cemetery, I couldn't have known that. A nice young gal told us the info on the cemetery and the neighbors who would probably know more. She was living in a run-down trailer, had a baby and apparently another on the way, was barefoot -- what one might call typical of certain classes of people, but nonetheless, she was polite, friendly, helpful, as people say here, "real naahce" -- unlike some "high class" people. Anyway, meeting her was prologue to the evening...

Back to Danville for lunch at Sutton's (used to be Woody's) for their fried clams only to find out that the ones we want are on the lunch menu Monday through Friday. Today was Saturday. Once more, our plans were tossed into oblivion! One more chance to retrieve the day...

The W T Hill Theatre in Danville opened on Friday night with Danville's own Elizabeth Orndorff''s "Hollerwood". It's about a high class English professor (UK of course) going to a writer's conference, but the conference isn't at Random House in New York, it's in Random, KY at Babe Dean's House. Hence, Random House. The cast is stereotypical eastern Kentucky (or what the rest of the country thinks is ALL of Kentucky), and the laughs are so fast and often, I left with a jaw ache. Even after the scene changes, people were still laughing.

Next, one more play and a variety show. We're going to see a lot of live theatre this year.

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