Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wednesday 7 October 2008 - IT'S RAINING!

Yup. The back deck is damp. First time since about September 9 we've had ANY rain, and we've had less than 2 inches since July. Everything is brown and the trees are dropping their leaves not due to normal leaf-fall, but to drought. There are several major forest fires to our east, and we can actually smell the smoke.

But, any rain is welcome rain!

Last Saturday, we drove up to Harrodsburg to see a comedy, "The Foreigner." It's about an uptight Englishman in the upland hills of Georgia staying at a redneck lodge and dealing with how the Klan reacts to foreigners. Really funny, especially after we got used to the accents. It was weird though, a play dealing with the Klan -- down here in the South. Considering that organizations similar to the Klan are responsible for the fact that most Blacks around here were driven out after "The War", it was really odd watching Kentuckians, including some Blacks, react. Like, there was no visible reaction.

Of course, many Kentuckians will NOT vote for Obama because he's Black, though they were never admit it publicly. But I digress...

Next week it's back up to Harrodsburg for a variety show, and Oct 18, it's off to Lexington to see our first University of Kentucky football game, against Arkansas. It's homecoming weekend, and we've been invited to "tailgate" with one of Rick's friends in Lexington. Gonna be really cool! Of course, we need to get UK sweatshirts, or at least new UK t-shirts for the game! GO BIG BLUE!

Temps are down to 66, having been up to 82 today. It's really like a typical August day in Maine. I picked some more tomatoes today and made some salsa, and we probably have another 10 lbs of Swiss Chard to pick. We've eaten fresh greens since April!

Oh my, I just heard we MAY have a THUNDERSTORM! Nice!

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