Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tree's down, snow's down, temperatures down.

Busy busy month of December.

First, on the 19th, Rick graduated from Southern Illinois University, with a Juris Doctor degree. We were all there as his degree was awarded, and all enjoyed a great meal at Tribeca in Paducah afterwards. Now, Rick is in Louisville, taking a pre-bar exam course, and he goes for the bar exam next month. He'll do just fine.

Then back to Paducah for Christmas, with another good time and loads of good food.

Finally, back to the reality of a Kentucky winter. This one so far has been one of the coldest in recent years, and as I write this, we're expecting 2-5 inches of snow. Most schools in the eastern part of the state have been closed all week due to continuing snow there -- not much, but just enough to make the roads totally unsafe.

We ain't going NOWHERE today!

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