Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday, March 6 - Gardening gives way to WINTER?

Just had to add this pic...our neighbor's dog, Lady, and I went for a walk down by Salt River -- we had just experienced quite a rain storm and there were flash flooding warnings all over. This little, peaceful stream rose over a foot in 6 hours, and further downstream, it must have risen several feet, due to the debris we noticed on the banks. Interesting that we don't get flooding like that in Maine, but the placid little stream here was a torrent for a few hours. When Lady and I got back from our walk, I came in -- she wanted to, but we aren't letting her in. We don't want her to get used to it, plus we have a 14 lb black terror who would attack her if he got a chance. Actually the cat is brave enough as long as there's glass between him and the "enemy" but in person, face to face, he's under the futon shaking! Anyway, this picture of a "fox squirrel" is one of the better ones I took, so I'm sharing it. The Gray Squirrel is the state rodent, but these critters are more common, at least in our back yard. The cat just watches them for hours as they eat the seed the birds drop out of the feeder.

Wednesday, Barry FINALLY got his wish. With potting soil, seeds, and planters in hand, he planted spinach, swiss chard, and other sundry greens. We're putting them in the spare room we call "The Baby's Room" or "The Greenhouse" depending on who's staying there -- plants, or Rick and Laura's little one (due about Memorial Day). The weather was chilly for early March (30's) but today was much nicer.

We actually got out to garden this afternoon. The front garden will be for heat and sun-loving crops like tomatoes, canteloupes and watermelons. It will be about 28 x 25, and it's already staked out and ready to rototill. The back garden (where the previous owners already had some flowers and perennials) will host corn, strawberries, spinach and chard. On the sunny side of the storage shed we'll be planting asparagus (5 x 20 ft bed) and a couple of kiwi vines (pic is Barry in the back garden).
Barry's online right now trying to figure out what variety of peach trees to order!

And "Mother's Rose", which had weathered the trip from Waterford, to Waterville, to Butchertown, has finally been planted where we hope she will grow to a beautiful, healthy old age (unlike we two old coots). She's endured so much, so many moves, such unfavorable conditions in so many places, she's positively radiant. Her leaves are coming out already, and she's only been planted for five days! Actually, she may have been ready to burst out of winter anyway, but it's nice to think it's because she's "home" now.

Now for all of you in Maine who are ready to kill me for writing these posts, we have a


for Friday into Saturday for what may be the biggest snowstorm in the past several years. We're supposed to get ... are you ready? -- really ready?... FOUR INCHES! Louisville may be getting up to 14". The weather bureau is already saying that travel Friday night will be difficult if not "impossible." And considering that few people around here slow down for snow, ice, sleet, hail, or tornadoes, it will be disastrous for some. Hopefully it will all melt before I head for Maine on Sunday morning! Good news is that the weather here when I return on Wednesday will be about 49 and sunny -- a normal March day.

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