Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday, 24 March 2008 - Busy, busy week!

Sunday, 16 Mar - Drove to Louisville airport to pick up former student teacher, Klaus, who was visiting on the way home. Klaus (his last name, by which he is known universally) was probably the best student teacher I have ever had. This year he's teaching in a private school in New Hampshire, and from our talk while he was here, he's making himself indispensable to the school. Way to go, Klaus! The more you can show the school officials how good you are for them, the better you will be, and the stronger your resume will be if/when you decide to look elsewhere.

On the way back from Louisville, we took the long way. First, we drove a mile or so to Churchill Downs and the site of the Kentucky Derby, then past Cardinals Stadium (University of Louisville).

Then it was on to Shelbyville and dinner at Claudia Sanders's Dinner House -- she was Colonel Sanders's (of KFC fame) widow, and the fried chicken there IS the Colonel's secret recipe, unchanged from when he had his restaurant in Corbin (where Barry and I have also eaten, though it was the usual KFC one can find in Lexington KY or Lexington MA, or Beijing for that matter).

The road then took us to Frankfort where we drove by the state capitol, and the cemetery where Daniel Boone is buried. Then on to Lexington, where we showed Klaus Rupp Arena (read U-K basketball here), downtown, Commonwealth Stadium (U-K football), then down through Nicholasville to home.

Monday, 17 Mar - Sightseeing around Danville with Klaus. First stop was to northern Casey County, where we showed Klaus the house we almost bought in Butchertown. Hasn't changed a bit. Then it was on to the Perryville Battlefield, Old Fort Harrod, and then back to Danville, through the Centre College campus, and past some beautiful old mansions to Constitution Square and Burke's Bakery. In under 48 hours, we hope Klaus got a feel for a good section of the Bluegrass.

Tuesday, 18 Mar - Took Klaus back to Louisville. No problem getting there, everything was on time, and we took our time. On the way up and home we ran into rain -- the flooding rains that have ravaged parts of the Ohio and Mississippi River valleys -- but once we left Louisville, the rain stopped. Louisville got about 6 inches, we got maybe half an inch, enough for the Salt River to rise a bit, that's all.

Friday, 21 Mar - Drove to Paducah to spend Easter with Rick and Laura and her family. On the way over we were watchful of flooding, and we did see quite a bit. The Rolling Fork, normally about 50 feet wide where the Bluegrass Parkway crosses, was about half a mile wide, inundating fields as far downstream as we could see. Same with the Green River, though not as bad. When we got to Paducah, the water was very high, over flood stage, but still contained within the flood wall, at least downtown. There were areas that were blocked off, and the Tennessee River at Paducah was about 4 times its normal width and many feet above its normal height. That was truly spectacular -- and not in a good way!

Laura, you look beautiful! There's the glow that expectant mothers have, even with the morning sickness, back pains, and general discomfort. If men were the ones who had the babies, there would be NO overpopulation! Just remember, the "Baby's Room" here in Parksville, is ready to go for her first visit!

Saturday, 22 Mar - Basketball, Basketball, Basketball. The NCAA championships were on, and we watched so much basketball, we all got stiff from all the sitting! The University of Kentucky was knocked out in the first round, but Rick's alma mater, Western Kentucky University, made it through the first and second rounds, and is now in the "Sweet Sixteen" along with the University of Louisville.

Sunday, 23 Mar - Brunch at the Paducah Country Club and coming home from Paducah -- last 15 miles in a SNOWSTORM! That about says it all. Friday was beautifully warm. Saturday and Sunday weren't. Brunch was great -- thanks Buel and Nancy -- you are both such wonderful hosts, and we thank you for making us feel at home in Paducah. Unfortunately, we always eat too much of Buel's great cooking! Jack and Alan, it's always good to see you guys too.

It takes two hours to get to Paducah and four hours to get home. Of course, that's because of the time zone -- we gain an hour going west, and lose an hour coming back east.

For the last 15 or so miles, we ran into sleet, then snow. By the time we got home, after dark, it was like driving in blizzard conditions. The ground was white this morning, but by 10 AM all the snow had melted.

Many people around here can't WAIT until Spring -- Snow on Easter Sunday? That's extreme!

Monday, 24 March - Southern Illinois University School of Law finally has the sense to admit Rick. Due to problems at the law school Rick has been attending, he applied to SIU.

He got his acceptance letter today!
Now Rick, just let us know when we can help you move to Carbondale for the duration. You won't need a 27 foot Penske truck like the one you drove for us from Maine to Kentucky, but we'll be available to help in any way we can. Luckily, it's only 66 miles from Paducah, so you could actually come home mid-week, provided you save time for studying and reading! Just don't try to do it on I-24, OK?

Rick, did you hear the one about the lawyer who ...

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