Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday, March 8 - Blizzard in the Bluegrass

I guess it was too much to hope for, at least for awhile. Roses leafing out, grass turning green, birds mating (stupid me, I thought they were fighting -- but then aren't mating and fighting one and the same sometimes). Then reality hits.

Today we have 4 inches of snow and it's blowing. Everything is covered with the white stuff. It probably looks worse than it is, considering that even in the biggest snowstorms so far down here, we can still see the tips of the grass underneath. This time we can't. I wish the birds at the feeder had boots, or at least hats and gloves! Luckily, I do, so I went out to shovel a bit. Yes, we did bring a shovel, though we sold the snowblower before moving here.

I'm flying out of Lexington tomorrow morning -- well, actually, the PLANE is flying out and I'll be on it. It should be interesting to see what Lexington looks like after 5" of snow. We'll see. The next post will probably be from Maine, where the huge snowstorm we have had here in Kentucky will make Mainers laugh their butts off. Looks like we won't be using the deck, lawn furniture or grill for a day or so here!

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