Saturday, January 14, 2012

August, 2011 - To Maine and the Kentucky State Fair

Since my last entry, many things have happened.  Much I have not written on, because it had become commonplace -- not much sense about writing about things that don't change much from day to day, though if this were really a diary, I would do so.

So, here's a run-down of events since June, 2011.

Aug 2-6 - Barry and I went to Maine camping.  Visiting family was great, but the weather didn't cooperate after the first two days.  It's no fun camping with rain, so we actually left Maine two days early.

Seeing my grandchildren was a treat.  Gannon explored our dish drainer, while Garnet simply enjoyed being held by Barry.  

The campground showed a movie outdoors one night, so we took the kids to it.  It was really their first drive-in, even though we "drove" the stroller.  Garnet in particular couldn't keep her eyes off the "screen," actually a large sheet hung from two trees.  

As usual, when we go to Maine, we meet friends in Waterville at our favorite restaurant in the whole world, Ming Lee's.  Alison and Glen, Pushpa, and Brenda joined us.  The real treat though, was harassing Brenda about her "Smart Car."  Here, Alison's trying to lift it with her cane.  

Another highlight of the Maine trip was being invited to the reunion of the Messalonskee High School Class of 1976.  Guess who the bald guy with the "Kentucky" shirt is in the middle?

After returning home from Maine, our next event was the Kentucky State Fair, August 23, in Louisville.  We spent the day looking at the exhibits, the dressage events, and wondering why on earth ANYONE would spoil a Krispy Kreme Donut with "Buffalo Style Chicken Breast with hot pepper cheese" or even a hamburger!

In August, I was elected president of the Boyle County Genealogical Association.  Barry had been attending meetings since we moved here, but this was the first time I seriously considered taking an office.  Since then, I've been busy writing newsletters and organizing meetings.

I also joined, as a contributing (non-dues, non-voting) member of the African American Genealogy Group of Kentucky.  I've been transcribing Black marriage records, none of which have ever been published, and have become quite active in this group, working with the co-editor of the Kentucky African-American Dictionary.

The next "blog" entry will describe events in October -- a trip to Washington DC, a cemetery preservation workshop, and the birth of twin calves next door.

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