Monday, January 16, 2012

Late October through December events

On October 28-29, I participated in a cemetery preservation workshop, conducted by Jonathan Appell, from Connecticut.  Appell was in Kentucky working with a large cemetery in Louisville, and we managed to get him over to Perryville for two days.  We learned how to clean stones properly, how to repair and reset stones, and in general, how to preserve them for future generations.  Just a few hints -- DO NOT use wire brushes, bleach, detergent, or other harsh chemicals.  Different stones made of different materials require different treatment.  Appell has a great website at for anyone interested in finding out more.
Re-setting a fallen stone.
 In December, one of our neighbors, being VERY pregnant, gave birth to a calf.  Then a few hours later, ANOTHER calf.  We've named them Christmas and Hanukkah -- even though they're not ours.

(L to R)  Momma, Christmas, and Hanukkah
We've named this one Hanukkah, born just after Christmas was born.  She was so small, her owner is feeding her in the barn, probably until Spring.