Monday, January 16, 2012

Trip to Washington DC 13-18 October 2011 -- THANKS Don and Jean!

From 13-18 October, Barry and I took a trip to Washington, D.C.  I've been there  many times, but the last 8 or 9 times were with a busload of 8th graders, and we only spent 2-1/2 days in the city.  THIS time, for four days, we could go where we wanted, see what we wanted, do what we wanted.  We stayed with two of my former students, Don and Jean, (and Chuck the Cat) who graciously opened their beautiful home to us.  They live only a few miles from the Washington Metro, in Fairfax, so we never had to take the car into the city.  The Metro is beautiful, efficient, fast, and CLEAN, unlike other subway systems I've seen (New York and Boston).  Highlights of the trip, other than Don and Jean's company and hospitality, are shown in no particular order because I can't get this blog editor to do what I want...GRR!

In front of the National Archives

The Capitol - Rotunda, under the Dome
Archie and Edith Bunker's Chairs, Smithsonian Institution
Space Shuttle Enterprise, the NEW Air and Space Museum in Virginia
Occupy DC

The President's helicopter, "Marine-1" leaving the White House
Union Station -- still a working train station, but with a great indoor mall.
The White House, North Front (the one you usually see on TV news)
The Pentagon 9-11 Memorial
A high school friend on the Viet Nam Wall

"The Wall"

Daniel Chester French's statue, Lincoln, at the Lincoln Memorial

A station on the DC Metro

Washington National Cathedral - damaged in the August 2011 earthquake

Washington National Cathedral

The US Supreme Court

The US Botanical Garden, left, and the Capitol, right

Reading Room, Library of Congress
The Capitol at night
Martin Luther King Memorial, the night before the dedication.

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