Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday, Feb 1, 2008 - Nothing happening yet

Well, not really but on the house, nothing. The current owners have until Feb 17 to move out, though they gave the people whose house they're buying until the 5th, so we're hoping to begin moving next week. We'll see.

In the meantime, we have new insurance quotes -- anywhere from $600+ to $1200+ for the same coverage. Guess where we'll go.

Barry moved 18 bags (at 40 lbs each) of topsoil and composted manure. We were going to put it in here, but we need to move it over to Alum Springs. He came in last night, soaked to the skin, having moved all the bags by himself! Boy, did I let into him! What the h*ll are you doing moving that by yourself? Don't you EVER do that again!

We got our cell phone changed over to a Danville number, so we wouldn't be calling long distance from the land line in the living room to the cell phone in the kitchen! You should have received an email from Barry with our new number, or will get one from me.

We're looking forward to Klaus (former Colby student teacher, and now a friend) visiting from Maryland by way of New Hampshire -- but only for a little over a day? Klaus, we can't take you to Churchill Downs, Maker's Mark Distillery, Keeneland, Butchertown, Woody's, Old Fort Harrod, Reno's, Perryville Battlefield, and all the other places in just ONE day! Well, we will make the best of our time together.

It's snowing here -- like that is news in Maine -- but ask Barry about our attempt to get out of Butchertown last weekend -- they do NOT sand or salt the roads here, and we almost ended up in a 10,000 foot ravine! Well, maybe not that serious, but a 180 degree turn with guard rails and a huge drop into the valley and another vehicle coming DOWN the hill toward us, and we would have been history! I can joke about how people around here panic with an inch of snow, but now I'm not joking. I've NEVER been so scared in my life. I will apologize now for the language I used as Barry was trying to get out of the sideways spin he was in. Imagine me trying to push a Honda Civic UP a hill with solid, glare ice on it! Anyway, we DID make it, but now I understand why schools close with 1/2 inch of snow down here.

We will be sure to notify everyone of our new email, phone, cell phone, and mailing and physical address as soon as all is set -- we hope that will be SOON! Barry's already getting ready to order seeds and buy trees -- and mud season has arrived which means that Spring is right around the corner!

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