Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wednesday, Feb 6 - 2AM - Taking shelter from a tornado

A tornado touched down in Bethelridge (the same cell that passed through downtown Nashville TN earlier), about 15 miles south of here about 1:30, and there were warnings for Casey, Boyle, Lincoln and Mercer counties -- all surrounding us. Sirens went off in Moreland, 5 miles east, and we could hear them -- frightening at 1:30 in the morning to say the least. So Barry and I and the cat headed for the pantry with a flashlight. Not that we would have been saved by the Campbell's soup cans, but at least there are no outside walls there.

We were in there about 15 minutes, listening to the wind and rain, but couldn't tell whether the sirens had stopped. We had been told that the sirens only go off when there has been a tornado sighted on the ground.

Now maybe we can get back to sleep...others in Kentucky aren't that lucky -- three people killed about 40 miles west of here, so we hear...our prayers go out to all who have suffered damage, injuries or death...

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