Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday, February 7 - Beginning the move. AGAIN!

Today we'll move about 27 bags of composted manure and topsoil over to Alum Springs. We had bought the 40 pound bags thinking we'd improve the soil and garden area here, but we never opened them, so they're the first to go. The current residents won't be out until Saturday but we can move outside stuff over any time.

We'll have the electricity, phone, and water changed over to us tomorrow, and the big move will begin Saturday. We'll make several trips a day until we're in -- unlike moving from Maine when we had to load the whole house in trucks and move all at once. This is only 15 miles (4 as the crow flies, but we're not crows), instead of 1400!

I may be out of touch for a few days until we can get wireless internet service through Kentucky WiFi. Of course, I could always take the laptop over to Starbucks and use it there! If the service can be set up before we cancel our current provider, there won't be a lag. HOPE! HOPE!

OK, Barry's coming back from Danville, and we've got to load dirt into my truck!

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