Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday, February 12 - Just waiting now ...

The new picture on the main page is the view from our carport at Alum Springs. It was taken Feb 11, and shows some of our bovine neighbors and the Salt River which flows just to the east of our property. The Salt is one of the major rivers in Kentucky, the others being the Kentucky, Licking, Tennessee and Cumberland. We're about a mile from where the Salt River rises. As it crosses under the road near our house, it's only about 2 feet wide!

It's been messy here -- sleet last night, and this morning, freezing rain on everything, though just a few miles north and west of us, traveling is much more treacherous. We're lucky I guess. We were supposed to get the moving van today but the weather postponed that until tomorrow when the driving should be better.

At Alum Springs, we'll have a phone as of Friday, Dish network as of Sunday morning, and Internet as of Monday afternoon. We expect that tonight will be our last night in Butchertown, though we will still have to move the last of our things over to Alum Springs Thursday, and possibly even Friday. But we will be DONE!

That is all assuming that we can even GET a moving van in here. The owner of the property said she would repair the culvert at the end of our driveway by Monday (yesterday) -- but nothing has happened, nor do we expect it to. I can get my truck out, but Barry's car bottoms out, and a moving van will NOT make it. So we will have to go through the owner's mother's driveway, if we can get past their garage. I've measured and it looks OK, but it's going to be close. So much to worry about -- we will be SOOOO glad to get out of here!

When we're out, I will email close friends and relatives and will tell you all about everything that has gone wrong with this sale. Our realtor here has seen nothing like it in her entire career!

Looking on the bright side, the neighbors at Alum Springs have a very old, blind-in-one-eye female beagle who greets us every time we drive in. She's a delightful animal, and we hope our cat will make friends with her! We can clearly hear the cows next door, so it'll be like living on a farm, without all the problems that entails! Plus Barry should be able to get all the manure he wants for the garden!

I won't be posting for the next few days at least, as we will be on the move! TTYL.

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